York Terror Trail, a history tour of the horrors of York.

For out Halloween Special please look at our events page and follow the link to; www.allhallows-live.co.uk/tour.htm

There is a monster, 1900 years old, thousands have died in its name. Like all the best masters of disguise it’s gone by many names: Eboracum, Eoforvic, Jorvic… today we just call it York. It has many weapons: battles, murders, terrible accidents and deliberate neglect. This city has two sides, the one it wants you to see and the one it doesn’t. It hides it down back streets and in the corner of your eye. We shouldn’t want to see it but we do. The terror trail can show it to you…

The tour starts 6.45pm every night from York’s most haunted pub the Golden Fleece Inn.

Adults: £5
Children: £2

For more information contact Damian on; 07923543342

Take advantage of our online discount or pay on the door.